Nomination Committee 

The Nomination Committee acts as an independent body from the Council and shortlists candidates for the carious offices and requests nominees from the membership.

Rural Sociological Society – Call for Nominations 2020

RSS Leadership Positions

 The Rural Sociological Society (RSS) is currently seeking nominations for leadership positions that will begin in 2020.  Positions are open to all RSS members.  Self- and multiple nominations are encouraged.

The Nominations Committee seeks nominations that represent the diverse interests and background of RSS membership, including, but not limited to: race and ethnicity, geography, gender and sexuality, institutional affiliations (e.g., non-land grant and non-academic), age, physical abilities, education, and nationality as well as representation of the spectrum of research, teaching, extension, public service, and administrative interests of the membership.

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Jessica Ulrich-Schad Chair 2018-2020 [email protected]
Stephanie Teixeira-Poit Chair-Elect 2019-2021 [email protected]
Spencer Wood elected 2019-2020

[email protected]

Amanda Buday elected 2019-2020 [email protected]
Theresa Selfa apptd 2019-2020 [email protected]
Dan Tobin apptd 2019-2021 [email protected]
Andrew Smolski grad apptd 2019-2020 [email protected]