Call for Papers
The Right to Be Rural: Citizenship Outside the City
Tuesday, August 28, 2018 11:58 AM

Call for Abstracts | The Right to Be Rural: Citizenship Outside the City

Rural communities face many demographic, social, economic, environmental and
political challenges. Community resilience in the face of these challenges attracts
significant attention across the contemporary world. Climate change, neoliberal
social and economic policies, economic globalization, restructuring and de-
industrialization, population ageing and outmigration, food security and
sovereignty, and a host of other issues are dramatically changing small town and
rural life, and in some cases threatening their very survival. Moreover, such
challenges are already altering the relationship between rural citizens and their
states. The citizenship rights, freedoms and obligations typically enshrined in
national constitutions—regarding personal security, education, health, income, and
association—may only be weakly maintained in rural places with small populations,
where external actors deem it too costly or inefficient to deliver a universal
standard of services and amenities.

The editors of this new collection, tentatively titled The Right to be Rural, wish to
assemble an international group of authors to reflect on the question of rural
citizenship, and to connect their empirical investigations of rural and small
town life to sociological theories of citizenship and rights. The University of
Alberta Press has formally expressed interest in the title, and will be the main target
of the full proposal.

Rural Sociology Graduate Association (RSGA) - CALL FOR ABSTRACTS
Monday, August 27, 2018 01:45 PM


The Rural Sociology Graduate Association (RSGA) at Penn State will be hosting their 6th Annual Rural Studies Student Conference this fall!

This year’s conference, “Insurgent Sociology: Public Social Science Research in the 21st Century,” will take place in University Park, Pennsylvania, on November 2, 2018, with a pre-conference speaker on the afternoon of November 1.  

We look forward to welcoming this year’s keynote speakers:
    Dr. Alfonso Morales (Professor of Urban and Regional Planning, UW- Madison)
    Dr. Lisa Pruitt (Professor of Law, UC Davis)

Friday, September 28th, is the abstract submission deadline for this year’s Rural Studies Student Conference. Students interested in presenting are asked to submit a 250-300 word abstract of their work to [email protected] by September 28th.

We invite students from all disciplines and at all levels to present their work! Abstracts may reflect thesis and dissertation work, as well as term papers or other research projects. Works from all stages of the research process are welcomed and encouraged for submission. This is a great opportunity to receive feedback on research (at any stage of development and from any discipline or department) from your student peers.  

Call for Abstracts - The 50th Annual Meeting of the Southern Rural Sociological Association held concurrently with the Southern Association of Agricultural Scientists
Thursday, August 09, 2018 10:15 AM
The 50th Annual Meeting of the Southern Rural Sociological Association (SRSA, February 3-4, 2019) will be held concurrently with the Southern Association of Agricultural Scientists (SAAS, January 31-February 6, 2019) in Birmingham, Alabama

The theme of the SRSA meeting is
“Pathways for Equity in Development: Exploring the Past and Informing the Future through the Rural Social Sciences”

Rural social scientists have long been engaged in applied development research, evaluation, and policy, focusing attention on a wide range of issues. These include but are not limited to education, workforce development, health, food, agricultural, forestry, aquaculture, and natural resources, among many others. Addressing these diverse areas, repeated themes of concern entail human rights, justice, and equity across racial, ethnic, nationality, age, sex and gender, and spatial boundaries. The Southern Rural Sociological Association will be celebrating its 50th Anniversary Meeting in Birmingham, AL in 2019, an appropriate place for this historic meeting given the city’s role in the Civil Rights Movement. In addition to open general submissions, interested rural social scientists are invited to submit abstracts for posters, paper presentations, and panel sessions to explore the various equity-related challenges, opportunities, and lessons learned from historic and contemporary development efforts in the southern United States and beyond. Scholars working on projects concerning other regions and countries are welcome, especially those that concern the Global South or that are comparative in nature.

Persons wishing to participate in the 2019 meeting are invited to submit a title, a list of authors and affiliations, and an abstract of 150 words by October 10, 2018. Paper, poster, and panel submissions are welcome. Submissions can be made online by following this link to a Qualtrics form (

For more information follow this link (
Call for Papers for the Humboldt Journal of Social Relations special issue: Geospatial Technologies in Social Science
Friday, July 20, 2018 10:25 AM

HJSR Humboldt Journal of Social Relations

Academics, students, and practitioners are encouraged to submit papers for a special issue of the Humboldt Journal of Social Relations focused on geospatial technologies and social science. We welcome original research papers as well as commentaries, creative writing, and photo essays.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) engages with a variety of important policy issues through linking social science data with spatial analysis and by demonstrating the importance of applied GIS in both the public and private sector. GIS, though commonly used in the realms of city planning and natural resource analysis, have a far broader range of applications ranging from analysis of ancient community interactions to modern social media data.

For this issue of HJSR, we are interested in exploring the spectrum of geospatial technologies in social science, particularly the ways in which our understanding of ancient community interactions, contemporary human rights, or notions of citizenship are challenged by data flows. We seek work exploring how geospatial technologies shape the way we interpret and understand concepts of social organization, identity, and privacy across various geographic and temporal scales and how these renegotiations take specific cultural, aesthetic, material, or digital forms.

Special Issue in Engaged Scholarship for Resilient Communities- Call for Papers
Monday, April 16, 2018 09:48 AM
The journal Social Sciences (ISSN 2076-0760; index by *Scopus*) is currently running a Special Issue entitled "Engaged Scholarship for Resilient Communities". Prof. Richelle Winkler and Prof. Angie Carter are serving as Guest Editors for this issue.

Local and community-scale practices show potential for addressing critical social and environmental problems, particularly in the absence of effective state or federal policy and programs. Partnerships between community organizations, policy-makers, and academic groups can both inform community-level solutions and create opportunities for learning and empowerment. For this Special Issue, we seek submissions on the analysis or application of community-engaged research promoting community sustainability. We define community-engaged scholarship broadly and will consider papers related to the research-teaching-service nexus using participatory action, citizen science, participatory GIS, community-based participatory scholarship, or other similar approaches where academic groups are engaged in a reciprocal relationship with community partners toward common goals. Accepted papers will directly apply these methods to the goals of improving urban or rural community well-being or otherwise working towards community sustainability, resiliency or policy solutions.