Call for Papers
Rural Sociological Teaching and Curriculum Research Interest Group Paper Competition
Wednesday, January 15, 2020 11:37 AM
The Teaching and Curriculum Research Interest Group (RIG) is now accepting submissions for the annual paper competition, designed to encourage and support research on teaching and curriculum in the rural social sciences. The call for papers is open to a wide range of topics related to teaching styles, pedagogy, assessment, classroom engagement, and can range from experimental studies of teaching and learning to essays on pedagogically important issues. In conjunction with this award, Drs. Kristi Lekies, Anjel Stough-Hunter, and Joe Donnermeyer are seeking contributors for a possible edited volume on teaching rural. Papers submitted for this competition will be considered for inclusion in the edited volume, which is currently in the planning stages.


Paper Competition Guidelines:

Who is eligible: The paper competition is open to faculty of all levels and to graduate students who have experience teaching their own courses or discussion sections.

Papers submitted for the paper competition will be held to a high standard with respect to the level of scholarship. The length of the paper should range from 20-30 pages and should include a relevant review of the literature, original analysis or theoretical contribution, a clear discussion and set of conclusions, complete references, and be written at a professional level.