Taylor, K. 2019. Governing the Wind Energy Commons: Renewable Energy and Community Development. Morgantown, WV: West Virginia University Press.

Corbett, M/ 2020. Learning to Leave: The Irony of Schooling in a Coastal Community. Morgantown, WV: West Virginia University Press.

Legal Deserts in America: A threat to justice for all
RSS member Lisa Pruitt has asked us to share the following information:
Legal Deserts in America

Large swaths of rural America Lack access to attorneys - including parts of most states. As part of the 2020 ABA Profile of the Legal Profession, the ABA gathered information from each of the 50 states and created what is believed to be the most comprehensive set of maps showing where U.S. practicing lawyers are located and where they are missing. The results present a startling portrait of the lack of legal access in much of rural America, and the challenge that poses for policymakers and the legal profession in their quest for equal justice for all.

For more information on this program click here.
2021 Rural Sociological Society Award Competitions

The Rural Sociological Society is now accepting submissions for multiple award opportunities.

The RSS Master’s Thesis and Dissertation Research Award Competition
Graduate student members of the Rural Sociological Society are eligible to apply for master’s thesis and Ph.D. dissertation research awards. Dissertation awards can be made for up to $5,000. Master’s thesis awards can be made for up to $2,500. Proposals approved for funding may receive budget allocations below the requested amounts, based on availability of funds and recommendations of the Endowment Committee. The RSS

Early Careers Research Awards Competition
Members of the Rural Sociological Society who received their Ph.D. on or after January 1, 2016are eligible to apply for RSS Early Career Research awards. Because the size of these awards is modest, proposals will generally involve small-scale projects that will enhance opportunities for scholars to pursue expanded research efforts in the future. The Early Career Research awards have previously been made for up to $5,000.

Apply now for Master’s Thesis, Dissertation, and Early Career Awards. Directions can be found here.

Lawrence Busch Award for Graduate Student Research on Food and Agriculture
The recipient of this award shall engage in social research on issues related to food and/or agriculture. The research may be of domestic or international relevance and shall have been approved by the appropriate offices of the student’s institution. The award shall be given directly to the recipient and not to any institution.

The awardee shall be a member in good standing of the RSS at the time of the award. The awardee is encouraged to attend the meetings of the Society and to present research conducted under the award. Moreover, the award shall be available to anyone without regard to nationality or citizenship. The awardee need not be a sociologist, but must be someone with a strong and demonstrable interest in social issues surrounding food and agriculture.Given that this is a new award the amount granted will be no more than $1,500.00 and may be less depending on the availability of funds.

Apply now for the Lawrence Busch Award for Graduate Student Research on Food and Agriculture. Directions can be found here.

2019 US-UK Scientific Forum on Sustainable Agriculture

National Academies of Science of the US and the UK Scientific Forum on Sustainable Agriculture

Topics covered include food security in a rapidly changing climate, agriculture’s impacts on biodiversity and environmental health, agroecosystem productivity, consumption behaviors, and future challenges.

The recordings of the Forum meeting are now online and able to watch here:

The presentation slides from the Forum are saved here:

William R. Freudenburg Award of Merit Recipient

Every year, the Natural Resources RIG solicits nominations for the William R. Freudenburg Award of Merit, a distinction that recognizes exceptional contributions have demonstrably impacted the sociology of natural resources and the environment. We are pleased to announce that Dr. Kathryn Brasier is the 2020 recipient of the NRRIG William R. Freudenburg Award of Merit.

We received numerous nomination letters that highlighted Dr. Brasier’s truly impressive accomplishments and contributions to our field. Those nominations had a collective focus on Dr. Brasier’s dedication to the growth of not only her research, but also the teams and partnerships she had created along the way. Dr. Brasier is a unifier across disciplines, scales, and career stages. For example, one nominator commended “her ability to bring together biophysical and social scientists, activists, citizens and farmers in ways that build trust and catalyze a vision for positive change that enables action." Dr. Brasier’s aptitude for fostering collaborative environments and nurturing new ideas and experiences across rural environments highlights the long-lasting impact her involvement and knowledge has had on natural resources and their management in Pennsylvania and beyond. These positive qualities are recognized and celebrated far beyond the ivory tower, as another nominator explained: “Dr. Brasier’s dedication and expertise embodies the very essence of the practitioner scholar –both the research base and the countless communities, organizations, agencies, and decision-makers that have been impacted by her work are better for it.”

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