Current RSS Council

The Council members of RSS are elected each year by the members by a majority vote or appointed by the President. The following positions are part of voting council and participate in annual Council Meetings:

Position 2017 Council Contact Information University
President Doug-Jackson Smith [email protected]
The Ohio State University
President-elect Keiko Tanaka
University of Kentucky
Vice President Lisa Pruitt [email protected] University of California, Davis
Past-President Tom Rudel [email protected] Rutgers University
Secretary Spencer Wood [email protected] Kansas State University
Executive Director Cynthia Struthers [email protected] Western Illinois University
Awards & Endowment Jennifer Sherman [email protected] Washington State University
Development Jessica Crowe [email protected] Southern Illinois University
Diversity Loka Ashwood [email protected] Auburn University
Membership Jessica Ulrich-Schad [email protected] South Dakota State University
Publications Program Tom Gray [email protected] United States Department of Agriculture, RBCS
Program Kate MacTavish [email protected] Oregon State University
Student Raeven Chandler [email protected] The Pennsylvania State University
Student Jamiko Delveaux [email protected] University of Texas at San Antonio
Council Rep. A Matthew Sanderson [email protected]
Kansas State University
Council Rep. B Laura McKinney [email protected]
Tulane University
Council Rep. C Stephanie Teixeira-Poit
RTI International
Committee Laura McKinney [email protected] Tulane University
Nominations Chair-elect Gregory Fulkerson [email protected] State University of New York, Oneonta