Rural Realities

Rural Realities was a quarterly publication of the Rural Sociological Society (RSS) that is no longer active. The Rural Realities is no longer active, but its publications have been saved below for reference.

The purpose of Rural Realities was to: (1) Provide valuable insights on the current and emerging issues impacting people and places in rural America and beyond; and (2) Offer policy and program options that might prove effective in addressing these important rural challenges and opportunities. Articles showcased in the series drew upon high quality social sciences-based studies conducted by researchers and practitioners located within universities/colleges, government, philanthropic, and nonprofit organizations.

Rural Realities 1-1

At the Razor's Edge:

Building Hope for America's Rural Poor

by Leif Jensen


Rural Realities 1-2

Rural People, Rural Places:

The Hidden Costs of Hurricane Katrina

By Rogelio Saenz and Walter G. Peacock


Rural Realities 1-3

Community Emergency Response Teams:

From Disaster Responders to Community Builders

by Courtney Flint and Mark Brennan


Rural Realities 1-4

Starved for Access:

Life in Rural America's Food Deserts

By Lois Wright Morton and Troy C. Blanchard

Rural Realities 2-1

Getting Connected:

Broadband Services a Key to a Vibrant Rural America

by Theodore Alter, Jeffrey Bridger, Sheila Sager, Kai Schafft and William Shuffstall


Rural Realities 2-2

In Our Own Backyard:

Methamphetamine Manufacturing, Trafficking and Abuse in Rural America

By Joseph F. Donnermeyer and Ken Tunnell


Rural Realities 2-3

Self-Employment in Rural America:

The New Economic Reality

By Stephan J. Goetz


Rural Realities 2-4

Farming in the Urban Shadow:

Supporting Agriculture at the Rural-Urban Interface

By Douglas Jackson-Smith and Jeff Sharp

Rural Realities 3-1

Tackling the Rising Cost of Electricity:

Options for Rural America

by Amy Glasmeier, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Rural Realities 3-2

Homegrown Responses to Economic

Uncertainty in Rural America

By Jonathan Q. Morgan, William Lambe and Allan Freyer


Rural Realities 3-3

The Green Giant:

Conservation Policies of the 2008 Farm Bill

 By Nadine Lehrer