Rural Realities

Rural Realities 1-1

At the Razor's Edge:

Building Hope for America's Rural Poor

by Leif Jensen


Rural Realities 1-2

Rural People, Rural Places:

The Hidden Costs of Hurricane Katrina

By Rogelio Saenz and Walter G. Peacock


Rural Realities 1-3

Community Emergency Response Teams:

From Disaster Responders to Community Builders

by Courtney Flint and Mark Brennan


Rural Realities 1-4

Starved for Access:

Life in Rural America's Food Deserts

By Lois Wright Morton and Troy C. Blanchard


Rural Realities 2-1

Getting Connected:

Broadband Services a Key to a Vibrant Rural America

by Theodore Alter, Jeffrey Bridger, Sheila Sager, Kai Schafft and William Shuffstall


Rural Realities 2-2

In Our Own Backyard:

Methamphetamine Manufacturing, Trafficking and Abuse in Rural America

By Joseph F. Donnermeyer and Ken Tunnell


Rural Realities 2-3

Self-Employment in Rural America:

The New Economic Reality

By Stephan J. Goetz


Rural Realities 2-4

Farming in the Urban Shadow:

Supporting Agriculture at the Rural-Urban Interface

By Douglas Jackson-Smith and Jeff Sharp


Rural Realities 3-1

Tackling the Rising Cost of Electricity:

Options for Rural America

by Amy Glasmeier, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Rural Realities 3-2

Homegrown Responses to Economic

Uncertainty in Rural America

By Jonathan Q. Morgan, William Lambe and Allan Freyer


Rural Realities 3-3

The Green Giant:

Conservation Policies of the 2008 Farm Bill

 By Nadine Lehrer