Member Publications

Urbanormativity: Reality, Representation, and Everyday Life. (Studies in Urban–Rural Dynamics)
By Fulkerson, Gregory and Alexander R. Thomas. 2019.

This book investigates urbanormativity—a concept that privileges urban normalcy and desirability over rural deviance and undesirability. The “reality” section outlines its foundations—urbanization, urban-rural systems, and urban dependency. The “representation” section explores urbanormative culture by considering cultural capital, media, and identity. The last section, “everyday life,” examines urban-rural disparities in law and politics and in life within different communities. It concludes by calling for a rural justice approach that will revalue the rural.


Spatial Regression Models for the Social Sciences
By Guangqing Chi and Jun Zhu (SAGE, 2019)

This is a primer type of textbook for social scientists who would like a quick start to learning spatial regression methods. The past few decades have seen rapid development in spatial regression methods, which have been introduced in a great number of books and journal articles. However, when teaching spatial regression models and methods, the authors had difficulty recommending a suitable textbook for students in the social sciences to read. Many of the existing textbooks are either too technical for social scientists or are limited in scope, partly due to the rapid development in the methods. A textbook that provides relatively comprehensive coverage of spatial regression methods for social scientists and introduces the methods in an easy-to-follow approach is much needed. This book fills the gap and focuses on the methods that are commonly used by social scientists and tend to be useful to them.