Membership Committee

The Membership Committee assumes leadership in recruiting and in retaining members.  It may also recommend measures to the council for improving cohesiveness, morale and sense of involvement of members in the Society. 


Cassandra Hawkins Chair 2019-2022 [email protected]
Debarashmi Mitra Chair Elect    [email protected]
Laura McKinney volunteered 2017-2022 [email protected]
Araceli Gonzalez apptd 2019-2022 [email protected]
Weiwei Zhang apptd 2021-2024 [email protected]
Danielle Rhubart apptd 2021-2023 [email protected]
Robert Chiles apptd 2021-2023 [email protected]
Whitney Allyson Stone grad apptd 2021-2022 [email protected]
Dreamal Worthen President ex officio [email protected]
Scott Sanders  ExecDirector ex officio [email protected]
Michael Cope ExecDirector ex officio [email protected]
Ethan Schoolman Chair               [email protected]