Diversity Committee

The Diversity Committee oversees the efforts that will increase participation and development of under represented individuals and social categories within the Society.  It recommends programs and policies to the council that affect diversity in the Society.


Ian Carrillo Chair 2017-2020 [email protected]
  Chair Elect    
Jinyoung Choi apptd 2018-2021 [email protected]
Marcia Owens apptd 2019-2022 [email protected]
Aimee Vieira apptd 2019-2022 [email protected]
Rayna Sage apptd 2019-2022 [email protected]
Mark Harvey apptd 2017-2020 [email protected]
José García-Pabón apptd 2017-2020 [email protected]
Paige Kelly grad apptd 2019-2020 [email protected]