Development Committee

The Development Committee is concerned with the status and development of the profession of rural sociology in the areas of teaching, research and extension.  It conducts studies and deliberations as directed by the council; and may also make independent recommendations to the council for the good of the society.


Brian Thiede Chair 2016-2020 [email protected]
Emily Wornell Chair-Elect 2019-2021 [email protected]
Rebecca Som Castellano apptd 2018-2021 [email protected]
Eleanor Green apptd 2019-2022 [email protected]
Brandn Green apptd 2019-2022 [email protected]
Curt Stofferahn apptd 2017-2020 [email protected]
Angela Serrano grad apptd 2019-2020

[email protected]

Kai Schafft President ex officio [email protected]
Dreamal Worthen Pres Elect ex officio [email protected]
Cynthia Struthers ExecDirector ex officio [email protected]