Student Paper Award Recipient

This year we received several truly outstanding submissions, each presenting data and theory at the intersection of rural sociology and natural resources. We are delighted to share that Victoria Abou-Ghalioum is the winner of the 2020 NRRIG Student Paper Competition. Her submission, titled “Expanding environmentalism: Racial/ethnic, place, and socioeconomic identities as pro-environmental behavioral antecedents” analyzed General Social Survey data to look at relationships between social identities and pro-environmental behavior. She found that racial/ethnic identity is the strongest indicator of pro-environmental behaviors, followed by some place identities. The judging committee were extremely impressed by Victoria’s sound methodology and clear and comprehensive writing style.

Victoria is a PhD student at the Ohio State University studying the intersections between racial, ethnic, and place identity and their relationships with pro-environmental behavior. She utilizes theoretical perspectives from rural sociology and environmental psychology to critically examine the identity-exclusivity of the environmental movement and how to expand this movement. She hopes to continue this work in applied, community development settings focused on environmental and social justice.

Please join us in congratulating Victoria on her impressive submission.