Student Interest

Researching the Impact of Changing Farmland Tenure on the Canadian Prairies

Three funded MA positions!

University of Manitoba and University of Regina

We are seeking three highly motivated students who want to complete a Master’s and are interested in conducting research on the social andenvironmental impact of changes in farmland tenure on the prairies.

This research responds to urgent calls from farmers' organizations, politicians, and academics for more research on changing patterns of farmland ownership, concentration and land tenure in Canada. Having access to and control over farmland deeply affects farmers’ economic security and identity, influences patterns of rural development, and is critical for the viability of rural communities. Farmland tenure is increasingly important given that a whole generation of young people is seeking ways to gain access to land to be able to farm; it also determines what kind of agricultural production models are put in place.  The research addresses three key questions: How are investors changing the dynamics of farmland ownership? What is the impact of greater land concentration in the prairie region? And, what kinds of land policies are needed to build healthy, just, safe and sustainable food systems? These issues are at the heart of research on changing farmland tenure and food sovereignty in the Canadian prairies where 71.6% of Canada's total agricultural land is located.