Current RSS Council

The Council members of RSS are elected each year by the members by a majority vote or appointed by the President. The following positions are part of voting council and participate in annual Council Meetings:

Position 2017 Council Contact Information University
President Doug-Jackson Smith
The Ohio State University
President-elect Keiko Tanaka
University of Kentucky
Vice President Lisa Pruitt University of California, Davis
Past-President Tom Rudel Rutgers University
Secretary Spencer Wood Kansas State University
Executive Director Cynthia Struthers Western Illinois University
Awards & Endowment Jennifer Sherman Washington State University
Development Jessica Crowe Southern Illinois University
Diversity Loka Ashwood Auburn University
Membership Jessica Ulrich-Schad South Dakota State University
Publications Program Tom Gray United States Department of Agriculture, RBCS
Program Kate MacTavish Oregon State University
Student Raeven Chandler The Pennsylvania State University
Student Jamiko Delveaux University of Texas at San Antonio
Council Rep. A Matthew Sanderson
Kansas State University
Council Rep. B Laura McKinney
Tulane University
Council Rep. C Stephanie Teixeira-Poit
RTI International
Committee Laura McKinney Tulane University
Nominations Chair-elect Gregory Fulkerson State University of New York, Oneonta