Image courtesy of Simon Howder at

Image courtesy of Simon Howder at

Julie N. Zimmerman
RSS Historian
Associate Professor, Rural Sociology
Dept. of Community and Leadership Development
University of Kentucky

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What was happening when…

RSS Oral History Project

The RSS Oral History Project is a collective effort to capture the memories, recollections, and insights of members of the

Rural Sociological Society.  A key aim in developing the project was an interest in the evolution and development of rural sociology as a specialty area of sociology, but also the development of rural sociology as an organization.  While the initial focus of the project is on interviewing past presidents, the project is open to interviews of all current and former RSS members.

Three goals form the focus of the project:

(1) to develop a sense of where rural sociology has been, what progress it has made, and where it is heading;

(2) to compare past challenges/issues/opportunities with those of today; and

(3) to develop a better understanding of the relationship between sociology and rural sociology.

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