Development Committee

The Development Committee is concerned with the status and development of the profession of rural sociology in the areas of teaching, research and extension. It conducts studies and deliberations as directed by the council; and may also make independent recommendations to the council for the good of the Society.


Sarah Lloyd, Chair (2012-2016)

Pat Hipple, Past Chair(2013-2015)

Andre Magnan (2013-2016)

Lisa Pruitt (2015-2017)

Yetkin Borlu (2014-2017)

Roger Hammer (2014-2016)

Kristal Jones (2014-2016)

Jason Konefal (2014-2016)

Yetkin Borlu (2013-2016)

Jason Konefal (2014-2016)

Eddy Berry, ex officio

Leif Jensen, ex officio

Donna Curtis (2014-2015)