Awards and Endowment Committee

The Awards Committee solicits nominations for the awards offered by the Rural Sociological Society. The Awards Ceremony has become an important part of the annual RSS meetings, where we recognize outstanding society members as well as an individual (not a RSS member) who has contributed to improving the quality of rural life.

The Endowment Committee is concerned with the innovative distribution of the Society’s endowment funds. It also seeks contributions to the endowment funds; and develops plans for using those funds to strengthen the Society, the field of rural sociology and improve the quality of rural life.

MS and PhD Research Awards

Early Career Awards

Innovation Awards

Minority Scholar Travel Awards


Chelsea Schelly (Chair)

Glenn Israel ( Past Chair)

Aya Kimura(2015-2018)

Shaunna Scott  (2015-2018)

Michelle Worosz (2015-2018)

Analena Bruce (2016-2019)

Norah Mackendrick (2016-2019)

Hannah Holleman (2016-2019)

Jennifer Sherman (2016-2019)

Rachel Terman (2016-2019)

Daniel Jaster (2016-2019)

Cynthia Struthers (ex officio)