The Rural Sociological Society has several research and interest groups (RIGs) that members can join and participate in. These groups coordinate activities and sessions for the Annual Meetings.

RIG Committee Chairs and Co-chairs:

Rural Policy
Chair: Rhianna Williams

Rural Poverty  
Chair:Lisa Pruitt

Co-Chair: Eric Freeman

Rural Studies
Chair: Loka Ashwood

Co-chair: Joe Jakubek

Rural Racial Ethnic Minorities
Co-Chair: Mark Harvey

Co-Chair: Jose Garcia-Pabon

Senior Rural Sociologists
Chair: J.I. (Hans) Bakker

Sociology of Agriculture & Food
Chair: Dara Bloom

Co-Chair: Jessica Goldberger

Teaching and Curriculum
Chair: Jeff Taylor

Co-chair: Anjel Stough-Hunter

Applied and Extension
Chair: Melissa Fry

Community, Health and Family
Chair: Karl Jicha

Community Co-Chair: Jessica Crowe

Family and Health Co-chair: Stephanie Teixeira-Poit

Youth, Education, and Rural Vitality
Chair: John Sipple

Co-Chair: Kai Schafft

Natural Resources
Chair: Jessica Ulrich-Schad

Co-chair: Weston Eaton

Chair: Brian Thiede

Co-Chair: Jessica Ulrich-Schad

Rural Gender Issues
Chair: Jennifer Sherman

Co-chair: Teresa Sobieszczyk

International Development & Studies (New)
Chair: John Green

Co-Chair: Cornelia Flora