The Rural Sociological Society has several research and interest groups that members can join and participate in. These groups also coordinate activities and session for the Annual Meetings.

RIG Committee Chair:

Rich Stedman (Chair)

Douglas Jackson-Smith (past VP)

Rural Policy RIG
Chair: Wendy Fuller
Co-Chair: Douglas Jackson-Smith

Rural Poverty RIG
Chair: David Peters

Rural Studies RIG
Chair: Kate MacTavish
Co-Chair: Loka Ashwood

Rural Racial Ethnic Minorities RIG
Chair: Michelle Eley

Senior Rural Sociologists RIG
Chair: J. I. (Hans) Bakker
Co-Chair: Bill Lacy

Sociology of Agriculture & Food RIG
Chair: Michelle Worosz
Co-Chair: Rick Welsh

Teaching and Curriculum RIG
Chair: Susan Farner
Co-Chair: Jennifer Steele

Applied and Extension RIG
Chair: Melissa Fry
Co-Chair: Lorraine Garkovich

Community RIG
Chair: Gretchen Thompson

Education and Work RIG
Chair: Kai Arthur Schafft

Family and Health RIG
Chair: Alex McIntosh
Co-Chair: Wes Dean

Natural Resources RIG
Chair: Becky Schewe
Co-Chair: Jeffrey Jacquet

Population RIG
Chair: John Green
Co-Chair: Shannon Monnat

Rural Gender Issues RIG
Co-Chair: Julie Keller
Co- Chair: Lisa Pruitt


We are sorry it has taken us so long to get this out to you, but we finally have your budget ready for you.  There is $2,288.73in your budget as of the end of May.  Our goal is to give you an updated budget every month from here on out.  Again, we are sorry for the delay in getting this out to you and we wish you the best.