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The editorial board of the Journal of Critical Thought and Praxis (JCTP) is proud to
release the spring 2014 submissions that address topics highlighting the theme Food
Systems and Social Justice (Volume 3, Issue 1). All manuscripts contribute to new
conceptual understanding of food systems, sustainable agriculture, workers’ rights and
nutritional inequities in education, sustainability, health, and policy. Manuscripts can be
download at:
This issue includes eight wonderful pieces for many different takes on food
systems and social justice. A list of authors and titles have been included here:
• Sustainable Agriculture and Social Justice: A conversation with Dr. Cornelia
Flora, Dr. Cornelia Flora with Gabrielle Roesch-McNally
• Book Review: Review of Alison Hope Akon and Julian Agyeman’s book
Cultivating Food Justice entitled From Academia to the Mainstream- Food has
many colors, Hanna Rosman
• Valuing Smallholder Food Production- A Call for New Theories, Carol B.
• The Celebrity of Salatin: Can a Famous Lunatic Farmer Change the Food
System?, Ryanne Pilgeram and Russell Meeuf
• Civil Subversion: Making “Quiet Revolution” with the Rhode Island Food Policy
Council, Melina M. Packer
• Searching for Food (Justice): Understanding Access in an Under-served Food
Environment in New York City, Christine C. Caruso
• Students Creating Curriculum Change: Sustainable Agriculture and Social
Justice, Angie Carter, Claudia M. Prado-Meza, Jessica Soulis, and Diego
• Social Justice for Food Workers in a Foodie World, Joann Lo
For more detailed author guidelines and submission procedures, please see the
journal’s To submit a manuscript or to ask for more
information, please contact JCTP Editor, Gabrielle Roesch, at
Submissions for our Fall Issue welcome on or before July 1st, however we accept
submissions on a rolling basis.
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