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A Matter of Perspective
Allen Press Emerging Trends in Scholarly Publishing™ Seminar
April 24th, 2014 at the Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill

March 18 is the last day to reserve a room at the Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill for $195.

For reservations, call: 888-421-1442.

More information on location and lodging can be found here.

Threat or opportunity? Disruption or reinvention? Creative repositioning or business as usual? How one views the changing state of scholarly publishing is a matter of perspective. Like light passing through glass, concepts can bend and refract as they are transmitted. Seen through the lens of a publisher, open access repositories appear differently than they do through the lens of a librarian. The exposure of open data has different implications for researchers than for funders. An academic filters the meaning of an article’s impact differently than someone in the business office of a journal. Join us at our annual seminar as we adjust our focus to view the visible spectrum of ideas on government mandates, the future of medical and scientific publishing, cutting-edge technologies, and the expanding possibilities of alternative metrics.

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Sessions and Speakers:

Session 1: The Wide Angle View on Public Access
Speakers: Fred Dylla, Executive Director and CEO, American Institute of Physics; Howard Ratner, Executive Director, CHORUS; Julia Blixrud, Assistant Executive Director, Scholarly Communication, Association of Research Libraries

Session 2: Roundtable Discussions
Select one of twelve topics in each of two 25-minute discussion periods moderated by a publishing industry expert.

Session 3: Double Exposure: The Present and Future of Publishing
Speakers: Eric Newman, Independent Publishing Consultant; Senior Analyst, Simba Information; Dan Strempel, Senior Analyst/Editor, Business and Professional Group, Simba Information

Session 4: Focal Point: Technologies to Watch
Speakers: Peter Brantley, Director of Scholarly Communication,; Antony Williams, VP of Strategic Development, Royal Society of Chemistry; Founder, ChemSpider

Session 5: Zoom In on Alternative Metrics
Moderator: David Crotty, Senior Editor, Journal Publishing Program, Oxford University Press; Executive Director, The Scholarly Kitchen blog
Speakers: Mark Leader, Publications Director, American Society for Cell Biology; DORA; Andrea Michalek, Co-Founder, Plum Analytics; Melinda Kenneway, Director, TBI Communications; C0-Founder, KUDOS

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