5th Urban Space and Social Life: Theory and Practice Conference

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The following email is an invitaiton to the 5th Urban Space and Social Life conference, organized by 4c5m studio, a non profit and independent research studio that promotes dialogues between research and practice from a cross-disciplinary approach. My name is Audrey, conference assistant to 4c5m studio, and I would like to kindly inform you about the conference we are holding this June, in Athens, Greece, that we hope may promote and inspire an open dialogue along the narrative of City Development and its natural and built environment. I would like to invite you, and your members to the conference. The details of the brief introduction to the conference is provided bellow, and the full details of the conference are attached in a pdf form. I would also kindly ask you if you may circulate the invitations and program details to your members, so we may reach a wider audience for this event and build awareness amongst our scholar community. I appreciate your time in reading this email. Please, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to either email myself or urbanspace2014@4c5mstudio.org

5th Urban Space and Social Life: Theory and Practice Conference
City Development in Its Natural and Built Environment

Call for

1) Papers

2) Design Competition

3) Jurors for the Design Competiton

All paper presenters will be the jurors of the competition at the conference


Date: June 16-18, 2014

Location: Athiania (pervious a silky factory) in Gazi, Athens, Greece

Organizer: 4C5M Studio

Co-organizer: World Heritage Institute of Training and Research for Asia and the Pacific Region (WHITRAP)

Support: Shanghai Tongji Ubran Planning and Design Insitute, Shanghai, China

Department of Sociology, The American College of Greece, Athens, Greece

Keynote Speakers: Professor Gregory A. Katsaa, The American College of Greece

Professor Thomas J. Campanella, Cornell University

Professor Qisheng Pan, Texas Southern University


The 4C5M Studio’s 5th Urban Space and Social Life conference invites papers and design competitions that explore challenging issues under the theme of City Development in Its Natural and Built Environment. City Development’s challenge lies in how we sustain the quality of our living while balancing the demands of the natural and built environment. Often times, our city development creates undisputable “gridlocks” for ourselves. Challenges include but not limited to traffic, revitalization of old centers, balance use of spaces that intersect with natural forces such as natural disasters, geographic limitations (mountains, waters, and weather), and the return of wildlife. Our everyday living, culture, identity are shaped and impacted by the convolution of the natural and built environment. The conference invites the participants’ imagination and creativity (papers and/or desgins) to explore, understand, and solve some of the issues.


Creating a Better Living Space with Joint Responsibility

Please visit the conference website for details and design competition rules and regulations:

Please foward any question to urbanspace2014@4c5mstudio.org.