Coproduction, Capacity & Change: Challenges & Opportunities for Rural Communities

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Both within the UK and more widely, there is an increasing emphasis in public policy on the ways in which communities of place, interest and identity might be engaged in the coproduction of services as part of ongoing public service reform, and the accompanying discourses of ‘localism’. It also often asserted, for example, that the energy of local people can help to build the resilience and capacity of communities, addressing local challenges. Such agendas, however, often neglect to recognise that the capacities of such local, often place-based, communities to engage with these processes can vary.

This session proposes to engage with these issues, and will be framed by questions including:

  • What are the capacities of rural communities to engage with agendas of coproduction, and how/why do these vary between rural communities?;
  • What can research tell us about the challenges inherent in the coproduction of services within rural communities?;
  • What are the opportunities presented by this agenda for those in rural communities and where/how have these agendas been engaged with successfully?;
  • What is being done to enhance the capacities and empowerment of rural communities to further engage?

We envisage this session taking the form of interactive short papers which will then spark debate amongst all delegates, including a plenary panel composed of both research users and academics.

Deadline for submitting abstracts is 7th February 2014

Please send abstracts up to a maximum of 250 words and proposed titles (clearly stating name, institution, and contact details) to Mike Woolvin