Conference of Ethnography and Qualitative Research, Call for Papers

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From June 5 to 7, 2014 will take place in Bergamo (Italy) the Conference of Ethnography and Qualitative Research, organized by the University of Bergamo in collaboration with the journal Etnografia e Ricerca Qualitativa and the Italian publisher Il Mulino.Pietro Saitta (University of Messina)  and Domenica Farinella (University of Cagliari) solicit contributions, either in English or in Italian, for the following workshop:

“Ethnography of Disasters: History, Resistance, Struggles” 

The encounter with “disaster” is part of the experience of millions of people in the world, who experience, directly or indirectly, the health, psychological and material effects of natural- or human-related events that hit territories exposed to multifaceted risk factors. The present call for papers, thus, solicits both ethnographic and qualitative contributions that deal with disastrous events in the widest possible sense; that analyze the social, economic, historical, legal and political context within which disasters develop; and, finally, explain how the restoration of “normal” life conditions are, or are not, pursued by different private and institutional actors. (For a broader description:

Deadlines and submissions:
Authors interested in this initiative should submit an abstract (1,000 words) by February 17, 2014 to:,,

Contributors must registter by April, 21, 2014 (info:

For further information about the workshop (not the conference) please contact:
Pietro Saitta ( and Domenica Farinella (

For further information about the conference: