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Rural Sociological Society Seeks New Executive Director/Treasurer and Business Office Location

Ralph Brown’s term as Executive Director/Treasurer ends on 8/8/2015. RSS must find a new Executive Director/Treasurer and a new location for the RSS Business Office.

The Executive Director/Treasurer is charged with the routine operation and fiscal management of RSS, as well as external relations of the Society. At present, the position is a paid position for approximately 0.5 FTE of a person’s time, and the Executive Director/Treasurer is responsible for managing the RSS Business Office, which has three persons in support-staff positions. These are all undergraduate students working 20 hours a week or less. The RSS Executive Committee envisions that all costs associated with the functions to be accomplished in this role be financed with a budget ranging from $49,000 to $65,000.

The Executive Committee is open to proposals for different funding, staffing, or organizational arrangements for the Business Office than RSS has at this time. Currently, for example, BYU University is supporting the RSS Business Office through student support funds and office space, but this may not be possible for every organization We are willing to entertain ideas that contain alternative models for the RSS Business Office from any member.

If you are interested in this role and want to consider this opportunity, or if you would like to nominate someone for this role (please contact them first), the RSS Executive Committee is inviting letters of interest to be submitted by February 1, 2014. Upon receipt of these letters, individuals will be contacted for more detailed information regarding their proposals. The RSS Executive Committee and the RSS Council will evaluate all proposals and their decision will be completed by the 2014 RSS Meetings.


For more information on how the current RSS Business Office functions, please email Ralph Brown (