CALL FOR COMMENTATORS: Edited Volume Published by Library of Social Science Paranoid Fantasy and Enemy Creation

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Thanks so much to those of you who wrote about commenting upon papers that will appear as part of Library of Social Science’s edited volume, Nationalism, War and Sacrifice: Dying for One’s Country.

A second volume of our series on the sources and meanings of collective forms of violence is in progress. It’s entitled Paranoid Fantasy and Enemy Creation.

This volume will consist of the eight papers listed below. You may click the title of any paper to read a one-page summary that appears on the Library of Social Science website.

CALL FOR COMMENTS: Creation of a Discourse Community

In the brave new world of the Internet, it’s insufficient to simply “publish a book.” One needs to develop a “platform” surrounding the book: so it may be presented to its readership and make its way into reality. One of the ways to accomplish this is through the development of a “discourse community” addressing the book’s central issues.

We seek scholars to comment on each of the papers constituting this volume. We invite you to provide conceptual and editorial input. Please read the write-up below, as well as the paper’s summary, then reply directly to this email, or write to me at

How will we use your commentary or feedback?

It may be published as part of this edited collection—as an “afterword” to the paper that you write about.

It will be treated as if a proposal for a future paper to be published as part of an edited volume created by Library of Social Science. We are developing a series of books on the sources and meanings of collective forms of violence.

We would like to receive your conceptual and editorial input. Please select one, two or three papers from the list below that you especially would like to write about. We then will send you a copy of the Working Paper, and ask you to write a 500-1000 word commentary.

We are very excited about this publication, which will provide a synthesis of the latest research and thinking on the dynamics of enemy creation—and the desire to destroy enemies.

We look forward to your feedback and participation. We hope you will contribute to this important project.