Seeking New Editor of Rural Sociology

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Seeking the Next Editor of Rural Sociology

The Rural Sociological Society seeks an Editor of Rural Sociology for a three-year term beginning July 2014.  The RSS Council will appoint the new Editor in February 2014 at the Mid-Year meeting.  The RS editor should have an intellectual vision for the journal as well as strong leadership and organizational skills. Editor-Elect will be appointed starting April 1, 2014 to begin training and setting up editorial office that will be fully functioning by July 1, 2014 so that she/he can produce RS starting with the first issue of 2015 (which will need to be in-press by Dec 2014). The Editor-designate will work with current Rural Sociology editor, Alessandro Bonanno, to learn the business of publishing the journal, to build relationships with our publisher Wiley-Blackwell, and to prepare Volume 80 (2015, Issue 1).  End date of appointment will be with issue 4 for 2017. The Editor reports to the Publications Committee and Council.

This is an exciting time for Rural Sociology and the Society. The decision to join forces with a major publisher, Wiley-Blackwell, has created great opportunities to expand the visibility of Rural Sociology and to increase electronic access, both nationally and internationally. The tasks of the editor include organizing and managing the editorial office, appointing and maintaining an editorial board, appointing the book review editor, managing the review of manuscripts, and ensuring that the production schedule is met. The editor also will work with Wiley-Blackwell on marketing and strategic planning for the Journal. Beyond administrative and strategic engagement, the editor is responsible for providing leadership for rural scholarship that is reflected in Rural Sociology.  To help fulfill these duties, the editorship includes financial support from the RSS for editorial activities. The proposed use of these funds ultimately is negotiated with the RSS Executive Director and Treasurer, and appropriate university administrator (e.g., Department Head and/or Dean or other Administrative Overseer if candidate occupies one or the other administrative position him/herself) from the host university department for final approval by the RSS Council. Information on past use of these resources is provided in the ‘RSS Editor Proposal Guidelines’. It is the responsibility of the Editor and Editorial Board to handle the Best Paper Award from Wiley Blackwell.

Persons interested in becoming Rural Sociology Editor should submit a proposal based on Rural Sociology Editor Proposal Guidelines.  A letter from an appropriate administrative source indicating support for relocation of the editorial office is required. Proposals will be accepted until January 1, 2014. All proposals must be submitted in electronic format.

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