M.S. in Food Systems and Society, Marylhurst University

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The M.S. in Food Systems and Society at Marylhurst University, launching fall 2013, is a new and innovative graduate degree program that delves deeply into ideas and practices for improving health, equity and sustainability in our food system.  It combines online, seminar-style classes with in-person intensive sessions to provide students with a flexible and rich learning experience.  Building their on existing knowledge and experience, courses will integrate theory and practice to increase our collective understanding of where and how to improve the food system.  Students will:  

  • Study food systems from an interdisciplinary perspective, deepening their understanding of how cultural and socioeconomic factors constrain and enable food system improvement.
  • Enhance their research, communication and analytical skills to strengthen the effectiveness of their work in the food system.
  • Share their knowledge and experience with the cohort, building capacity to become a reflexive thinker and practitioner.
  • Design and conduct original research that advances positive change in the food system.

The Food Systems and Society program at Marylhurst University is distinguished by its emphasis on social change and justice in the food system.  Through a cohort model students will benefit from mutual support, collaborative learning and lasting relationships with each other.  We aim to create a community of graduates who will continue to work together to create meaningful change in the food system.  

For more information about the program, visit www.marylhurst.edu/food or email program coordinator, Emily Burruel at eburruel[at]marylhurst[dot].edu.