Fall 2017 RSS Special Election

Ethics Committee Nomination

The Rural Sociological Society (RSS)

The RSS is a professional social science association that promotes the generation, application, and dissemination of sociological knowledge. The Society seeks to enhance the quality of rural life, communities, and the environment. This website is intended to serve all those interested in rural people and places.

We seek and support a diverse and international membership of academics and practitioners who share our interests in rural people and places.

Shared Values at the Rural Sociological Society

In these politically turbulent times we wish to share with others the core values that we believe animate and organize our activities as members and leaders of the Rural Sociological Society (RSS).   We believe deeply in the free expression of ideas, in civil discourse founded upon a mutual respect among participants, and in the value of scientific research unencumbered by political considerations.  We oppose actions and words that demean, exclude, and otherwise marginalize individuals and groups of different genders, races, identities, sexual orientations, and national origins.  We applaud the efforts of RSS members and others who seek to assist vulnerable and marginalized peoples wherever they may be.   We support your efforts to achieve positive changes in your communities through advocacy, dialog, and collaboration, and we look forward to working with you in these endeavors in the coming months and years.

Tom Rudel, President RSS 2016-2017; Kathryn Brasier, Vice President RSS 2016-2017; Cynthia B. Struthers, Executive Director RSS; Leif Jensen, Past President RSS; Douglas Jackson-Smith, President-elect RSS; and Spencer D. Wood, Secretary RSS

Open letter to Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue

The Benefits of Membership

Why RSS? RSS offers multiple opportunities to interact with others who share your interests in rural places both in the United States and internationally.  We have fourteen Research and Interest Groups. RSS keeps you informed of professional opportunities via our website and monthly eBulletin.  A subscription to our journal Rural Sociology is included with your membership. RSS members receive a discounted registration rate to our Annual Meeting (held late July or August each year).  RSS members take an active part in the program of the annual meeting by submitting posters, papers, panels, and organized sessions. RSS offers leadership opportunities.

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Research and Interest Groups (RIGs)

What are Research and Interest Groups? Research and Interest Groups (RIGs) reflect the substantive interests of RSS Members and serve as an important avenue for connecting members with similar interests.  RIGs serve a critical role in RSS including: identifying, developing, and recruiting for the annual RSS conference; planning special events, speakers, field trips for the annual conference; providing intellectual leadership in their respective areas; rewarding achievement through internal awards and recognitions; and creating opportunities for members, particularly graduate students, to network and identify colleagues with similar interests. 

RSS currently has 14 RIGs. 

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