The Rural Sociological Society (RSS) is currently seeking nominations for leadership positions that will begin in 2019. Positions are open to all RSS members. Self-nominations are encouraged.

The Nominations Committee seeks nominations that represent the diverse interests and background of RSS membership, including, but not limited to: race and ethnicity, geography, gender and sexuality, institutional affiliations (e.g. non-land grant and non-academic), age, physical abilities, education, and nationality as well as representation of the spectrum of research, teaching, extension, public service, and administrative interests of the membership.

Nominations are sought for the positions below. Responsibilities associated with the position will begin at the 2019 annual meeting.

  1. President-elect: serves for three years as President-elect, President and Past President (voting member of Council each year)
  2. Vice President: serves for one year (voting member of Council for that year)
  3. Secretary: serves for three years (voting member of Council each year)
  4. Council Member (3 positions): serves for two years (voting member of Council each year, appointed as chair-elect of one RSS standing committee in the first year, serves as chair in the second year). Council members represent land-grant institutions of higher education, non-land grant institutions of higher education, and non-academic institutions.
  5. Student Representative to Council: serves for two years (voting member of Council each year)
  6. Chair-elect of the Nominations Committee: serves for two years, as Chair-elect and Chair (not a voting member of Council)
  7. Nominations Committee Member (2 positions):  serves for one year (not a voting member of Council).
  8. Ethics Committee Member: serves for three years (not a voting member of Council).
  9. International Rural Sociological Association Member (IRSA) (3 positions): IRSA Representatives serve a 4-year term.

Nominations may be submitted through the following link: RSS Nominations Form

For questions or further information, please contact Gregory Fulkerson, Nominations Committee Chair, directly at [email protected]