Call for Papers: Removing pesticides. Competing alternatives for changing agriculture
Tuesday, August 10, 2021 10:07 AM

Environmental Science & Policy advances research in the intersections between environmental science, policy and society.

The journal invites scholarship within this broad thematic that fits with one or more of the following four focal areas:1) Studies of the relationship between the production and use of knowledge in decision making; 2) Studies of the relation between science and other forms of environmental knowledge, including practical, local and indigenous knowledge; 3) Analyses of decision making practices in government, civil society, and businesses and the ways that they engage environmental knowledge; or 4) Research that presents environmental research with a clear perspective on pathways towards policy action and impact.

Research can address a wide number of environmental issues, such as climate change, food systems, biodiversity loss, human and ecological well-being, resource use- and extraction, land use change, and sustainability more generally. The journal aspires to achieve an appropriate balance between perspectives from the global North as well as the global South and welcomes discussions of (environmental) justice, equity and inclusion. The journal is particularly interested in cutting edge developments in inter- and transdisciplinary work on co-production; arts-based research; integrated nexus and landscape approaches; the trade-offs and synergies between environmental issues and policies; innovations in integrated assessment, monitoring and evaluation; and transitions and transformative change

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