Agricultural History Vol. 95, No. 2, Spring 2021 is now available online

The recent issue of the journal Agricultural History contains articles that might be of interest to RSS members.  Access to the articles is free.

Agricultural History. Vol. 95. No. 2.  Spring 2021  (

Forum: Ideology of the Small Family Farm and Its Influence on US Public Policy

  • Introduction (pp. 311-312) Anne Effland
  • Small Farms/Family Farms: Tracing a History of Definitions and Meaning (pp. 313-330) Anne Effland
  • A Dog with a Bone: A Critique of Paul Taylor's Small-Farm Essentialism (pp. 331-361) Mary Summers
  • Revisiting Rural Poverty and Farm Policy in the Age of Roosevelt (pp. 362-370) David E. Hamilton
  • Comment: Family Farms, Agricultural Policy, and Small-Farm Essentialism (pp. 971-978) Jess Gilbert