Rural Sociology Society, Gender and Sexualities RIG Summer Conference Sessions
Please join us for the Rural Sociology Society, Gender and Sexualities RIG Summer Conference Sessions!
All sessions will be on Zoom the third Wednesday of each month, 11:00-12:15pm (eastern).
Zoom password: RSSGender

Wed., June 17th @ 11am (eastern):
- Amanda Crump and Dana Armstrong: Economic Feasibility of Ethanol Fuel for Clean cooking in Upland Sierra Leone
- Jacobs Adzenga Ior: The impact of communal conflicts on rural women in Nigeria: Implications on rural and agricultural development
- Marcia Owens: Black and Female at the Same Time: The Recognition and Relevance of Intersectionality in the Diversity and Inclusion of Black Women in STEM/SBS at Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Wed., July 15 @ 11am (eastern):
- Ryanne Pilgeram and Katie Dentzman: Same-Sex Farming Couples: An Analysis of Sustainability and Eco-Queer Theory Using USDA Census of Agriculture Data
-  Katie Dentzman and Ryanne Pilgeram: A quantitative analysis of how gender relates to farming methods in the US
- Hannah Whitley: 'Outsiders within' the urban farm: Exploring identities, lived experiences, and self-identified needs of Black women agriculturalists in Pittsburgh, PA
Wed., August 19 @ 11am (eastern):
- Emily Southard: Women's Empowerment and Gender Essentialism in Cambodia's Vegetable Value-Chains
- Ana Zepeda and Amanda Crump: Surviving to Thriving: Understanding urban agriculture in San Juan, Puerto Rico through a feminist lens
- Hazel Valascios and Kathy Sexsmith: Gendered impacts of climate change: Perceptions of smallholder coffee farmers in Intibuc√°, Honduras