Assistant Professor - Family Science & Human Development Specialist
Employment Opportunities
Friday, February 07, 2020 04:17 PM

North Carolina State University is now hiring for a 12-month tenure track position in the Department of Agricultural and Human Sciences. The position is 80% effort in Academics and 20% effort in Extension. This position will work across multiple departments and disciplines, including NC State and other Institutions, in an effort to address family life. This will include collaboration with academic programs, including human development, marriage and family therapy, sociology, psychology, social work, child development, health, etc.

The Department seeks a faculty member with expertise in Family Science to teach and advise in the Youth, Family, and Community Sciences graduate program, and to serve as a Human Development Specialist with Cooperative Extension. The applied research conducted by this faculty will make a unique contribution to the Family Science literature as they examine innovative delivery strategies of Family Science with key stakeholders (YFCS students, AHS PhD program, and FCS and 4-H agents).

This position will provide programmatic expertise in family science with emphasis on life stages, including childhood, adolescence, parenting, and aging. This position will train agents in the areas of strengthening families, resilience, stress management, mental health, early childhood education, child development, social and emotional competence, social connections, parent engagement, and aging. This position will develop and test new delivery strategies in the area of human development that use technology to reach a broader audience.

This position will develop an independent applied research agenda that seeks to understand best practices for family science across the lifespan. This position will be responsible for researching applied best practices related to health family life for NC State’s Cooperative Extension program, researching delivery strategies and creating evidence-based programs that can be used across the country to help improve the quality of life for families. All applied research will be conducted under the extension realm to inform programming and evaluate impacts. This position is critical for the Youth, Family, and Community Science academic program, and will teach a minimum of four core courses each year.

The position will also be part of an interdisciplinary department team who are working to create a new PhD program in Agricultural and Human Sciences. This may include teaching family science courses or methodology courses, or developing new courses as indicated by the new graduate program. It also may include supervising student research and student mentorship.

Inclusiveness and diversity are academic imperatives and thus are university goals. We are particularly interested in candidates who have experience working with diverse audiences and students from diverse backgrounds, and a demonstrated commitment to improving access to higher education for students from underrepresented groups.

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