[ASFS] Call for Papers Agri Food Markets
Thursday, November 14, 2019 09:46 AM

Agri-Food Markets towards Sustainable Patterns: Trends, Drivers and Challenges

The range of suitable contributions for this special issue is wide: case studies, experiments and other forms of empirical evidence, as well as application of theoretical concepts. More specifically, we welcome manuscripts that help to outline sustainable horizons of the future agri-food market, dealing with:

  • “green” changes in consumer demand
  • sustainability and innovation along the agri-food chains (ecopreneurship; vertical integration and horizontal alliances; farming associationism)
  • efficiency and inclusiveness of sustainable agri-food systems (agri-ecology and organic farming; small producers; safeguard of the natural and cultural heritage; relationship between food, gastronomy and territory; neolocalism; alternative agri food networks)
  • interaction between the agri-food market and agrienvironmental policies
  • market regulation instruments (public policies and national and international governance; impact of specific free trade agreements and trade tariffs; food sovereignty and sovereignism)
  • tools to prevent risks which may jeopardise agrifood markets.

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