The Ohio State University - Post Doctoral Researcher
Employment Opportunities
Wednesday, July 31, 2019 03:31 PM

Dr. Douglas Jackson-Smith, Professor in the School of Environment and Natural Resources at the Ohio State University is seeking a postdoctoral researcher to play a lead role in developing,implementing, and evaluating stakeholder engagement and participatory research projects with diverse farm and food system stakeholders. Position is open to scholars with experience and interests in in stakeholder engagement, on-farm research, and/or participatory modeling. This person will be expected to design, implement, and evaluate a series of stakeholder engagement and participatory research/modeling activities in connection with several transdisciplinary projects, including one major NSF-funded INFEWS grant supporting participatory processes to build scenarios and models to explore the implications of deglobalization on food/energy/water systems in the eastern Corn Belt. The position will bein the School of Environment and Natural Resources, and work will be based at Ohio State University’s Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center in Wooster, OH. Successful candidates will be expected to conduct fieldwork, travel to meet with collaborators, participate and help organize participatory research workshops; communicate research results to scientific community via journal article publications, conference presentations and seminars; and advise and interact with graduate and undergraduate students.

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