Engineering Studies - Special Issue
Monday, June 24, 2019 09:37 AM

Engineering Studies is an interdisciplinary journal devoted to the scholarly study of engineers and engineering. It advances analysis (historical, social, cultural, political, philosophical, and organizational) which enhances critical understanding of engineering education, research, practice, policy, and representation.

Engineering Studies involves critical investigation in the practices under study (work, design, formation, or service to society); it does not publish papers that seek only to improve the effectiveness of engineering. Prospective authors are invited to reflect on and anticipate how their work might prove helpful to the academy and beyond.

Engineering Studies warmly welcome prospective authors to submit their contributions to a special issue dedicated to New engineering actors and practices in agriculture. The study of engineers and engineering generally focuses on product design, infrastructure (transport, water, energy, telecommunication), and particular industries such as aerospace, energy, and computing – but rarely agriculture, except in field-specific journals. However, engineers and engineering are deeply engaged with agriculture, food and rural communities. This special issue seeks to shed some light on engineers involved in agriculture: who they are, what are their relations to other actors, and what are their practices.

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