Agrosavia: Rsearch in the area of rural sociology
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Monday, June 10, 2019 12:34 PM
Position Announcement No. A-1702019

Researcher in the area of rural sociology

The Colombian Corporation for Agricultural Research, AGROSAVIA, ( is a joint public-private, decentralized, not-for-profit institution of scientific and technical nature. The Corporation ́s purpose is generating scientific knowledge; developing agricultural technologies through research, technology adaptation and transfer; providing technical assistance for improving production competitiveness, equitable distribution of technology benefits, and sustainable use of natural resources; strengthening Colombia ́s scientific and technological capacities; and contributing to improving the population ́s quality of life.

AGROSAVIA strategically manages seven key innovation networks in the general fields of vegetables, fruits, permanent crops (palms of economic interest, forestry species, and rubber), short term season crops, roots and tubers, cacao, and livestock (cattle and minor species). Research is carried out at research centers and agricultural fields from a network of 13 research stations located throughout the country ́s different agricultural regions.
In its role as driving force, actor and support for the National Science and Agroindustrial Technology System, AGROSAVIA backstops the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in coordinating, systematizing and transmitting knowledge among actors in the Agriculture and Livestock Technical Assistance Subsystem. To fulfill this commitment, the Corporation develops strategies to link and transfer technology and knowledge to the agriculture and livestock sector.

AGROSAVIA is currently designing an institutional, systematic and on-going strategy to improve the impact of science and technology activities developed by the Corporation. This effort implies including economic criteria and social indicators in its research projects to foment agricultural and rural development, inclusive growth, poverty reduction, gender equality and sustainable livelihoods.

Lead and contribute interdisciplinary, transdisciplinary and participatory projects and activities that promote rural development and technology adoption, by integrating activities with other knowledge areas in order to improve the social impact of AGROSAVIA ́s science and technology activities, in collaboration with other stakeholders in the national agricultural innovation system.

Apply by July 3, 2019.

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