MS or PhD Assistantship Opportunities in Human Dimensions of Farm and Food Systems
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Tuesday, November 06, 2018 10:55 AM
MS or PhD Assistantship Opportunities in
Human Dimensions of Farm and Food Systems
School of Environment and Natural Resources, The Ohio State University

Dr. Douglas Jackson-Smith and Dr. Shoshanah Inwood are seeking graduate students to work on a range of research projects surrounding human dimensions of farm and food systems.  We have positions open for students starting fall 2019. Examples of our current and planned projects include: 

  • Impacts of farm and landscape diversity on risks of antimicrobial resistance. 
  • Social, economic and environmental outcomes associated with re‐integration of crop and livestock farming systems (at the farm or landscape scale).
  • Social, economic, and logistical factors driving use (or non‐use) of farm management practices linked to soil health (crop rotations, cover crops, use of manure/compost, minimum tillage). 
  • Social and economic factors driving entry and exit patterns in US agriculture; particular attention to issues related to quality of life and household well‐being. 
  • Implications of access to health insurance and health care services for the viability and sustainability of producers and workers in farming and food systems. 
  • Assessment of different approaches to on-farm and participatory research.   

Our faculty lines are located within an interdisciplinary unit (the School of Environment and Natural Resources) within the College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.  Graduate students would have the option to specialize in either Rural Sociology or Environmental Social Science (two of the core specializations in the Environment and Natural Resources graduate degree program: see Students would also be able to draw on faculty and courses from across OSU – including scholars in agricultural economics, public policy, sociology/psychology, anthropology, geography, and public health.   

We are also both part of a large interdisciplinary faculty hiring initiative at OSU called the  Initiative for Food and AgriCultural Transformation (InFACT;‐agricultural‐transformation‐infact) and are actively building a collaborative group of faculty  and students focused on dynamics of ‘working landscapes’ at our Wooster research station  (where we both have our primary offices).  While our disciplinary skills are focused on sociology, we are seeking students interested in integrating their social science work as part of broader collaborative and interdisciplinary teams (so‐called ‘convergence’ science).  We are also committed to applied and engaged modes of research – with emphasis on participatory models of research, outreach, and co-development of solutions to complex problems.   

Please contact us soon if you are interested in exploring a possible graduate degree with one or both of us at OSU starting fall 2019: Jackson‐[email protected]; [email protected].