Pre-conference Field Trip

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A Half-Day at Hull House:

Sponsored by the Rural Gender Issues Interest Group and the Community Research and Interest Group

This pre-conference event is scheduled for 10:00am to 2:00pm on Thursday, July 26 and will consist of a guided tour of the Hull House Museum, a facilitated discussion, a catered lunch, and a visit to the museum’s sustainable urban farm. This field trip fits perfectly with the Local Solutions to Inequality theme of this the 75th Annual Meeting of the Rural Sociological Society.

Hull House was based on a number of basic principles:

  • Live in the community as an equal participant in the local issues of the day.  The settlement concept was central to the success of the Hull-House community, and the practice of neighbors helping neighbors became a cornerstone of the Hull House philosophy.
  • Believe in the fundamental dignity of all individuals and accord every person with equal respect regardless of their ethnic origins, gender, age…
  • Believe that poverty and lack of opportunity breed the problems of the ghetto.  Ignorance, disease, and crime are the result of economic desperation and not the result of some flaw of moral character.

Though the Jane Addams Hull House Association closed last year the Hull House Museum preserves the legacy of Jane Addams and Ellen Gates Starr’s original settlement home in Chicago.

Registration is limited to 35 participants. We will begin boarding the bus at 9:30am and return to the Palmer House at 2:30pm.  PLEASE NOTE: The museum is only handicapper accessible on the 1st Floor and the urban farm is located two blocks from the museum.  Lunch will provide a vegetarian option. But please notify Cynthia Struthers if you require special accommodation 309.298.2282 or

Fee $35.00 and includes: A donation to the museum, lunch, and transportation to and from the Palmer House. The museum is located at 800 S. Halsted St., Chicago, IL 60607 Telephone 312.413.5353.